The Pact

My brother got arrested for killing a girl. He killed more but the cops don’t know that.

A tree carved with our names exploded the day before he went to jail. The tree didn’t have a chance. After being hit by a 50,000 volt stream of lightning, its sap innards boiled to temperatures hotter than the sun, and all the bark blew off in shrapnel chunks. I know because it was in the Prince George Times. Our little bit of bark shrapnel ended up on page five. Carl made page one. They used a mug shot from a couple years back, when he still had acne and his hair was in a ponytail. Carl was mad about that, and because there’s a photo of our tree. He doesn’t like anyone knowing personal stuff.

Are You Interested in What Happens Next?

Update July 23, 2014

I hope you are.

I am planning to submit a revised version of this story to a writing contest with Sixfold (see Drink Lattes Through a Straw to learn more).

Wish me luck. But either way I will win…rejection or acceptance, both are OK.



4 thoughts on “The Pact

    • Thanks Masodo. You are one of the lucky few who got to read the story before I took it off line….I want to submit it to some magazines and they require that these things are not previously published.


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