If a thought falls in a forest…

Every day a series of words goes through my head and always, often, it is lost. I cannot retrieve the thought again..could it have been, possibly, probably, the best set of letters and concepts on the planet?

Somewhere during its conception and the inability to write it down…ideas can be lost and not always found. Do thoughts and words also transcend into alternative sets of electrons and neutrons? Thermodynamics 101 …energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. If nothing is lost and everything is gained, where does the energy of thought go? If it falls in a forest does anyone feel the impact?

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow, a series of emotions pass through my fibers and disappear into nothing. There is nowhere for it all to go without attaching itself to words and then being extracted and exposed on the page, on the screen, before being disposed into everything and nothing.

Today, perhaps, it will make its way from my brain to my fingers to this screen, but perhaps it will equally just be forgotten or only remembered for an instant, or if it is recorded, then an eternity?

My (your) thoughts and emotions can be burned into something. Does this make it better or more memorable? Does everyone knowing or seeing something therefore make it more real? Or can it just be without? Without another human or being to receive the passage of thought and emotion?

If you are alone and have a thought, does it still exist?


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