You Can Only Do It Once

I have a gift for the world, something precious that can only be given away once. Anyone can do it, but few are successful, most must persevere their entire lives to perfect it, many already do it for free, a lucky few are paid, and even fewer win awards, although there are plenty of contests.

In the world of traditional publishing, that gift is my unpublished status, my never before been published badge, a moniker that may be fleeting, or may last a lifetime. And by published, I mean in a magazine, journal, anthology, or other reputable medium.

Inspire, Explain, Guide

Stephen King’s book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, inspired me, John B. Thompson’s book, The Merchants of Culture explains the publishing landscape, and the Falmouth University’s Professional  Writing Masters course guides me.


I need reasons to write, I need outside pressures to drive me — deadlines.


My research of over 214 sites has, so far, unearthed 33  publications that got me excited, fit with my personality, my writing style, and my goals. 33 starting points. Ready, be set, be GO!

See a full list on the Round One Submissions page

The Numbers

  • 214 sites reviewed quickly for relevance
  • 33 Priority 1 publications with immanent deadlines or super interesting topics
  • 93 short listed for a closer look
  • 20 classified as other (publisher, resource, employer only)
  • 17 Nopes (I don’t wanna)
  • 40 categorized as priority 2 (look at after exhausting P1)
  • 20 categorized as priority 3 (look at if you get bored)
  • 82 categorized as priority 4 (look at much later)

My Hopes for this Blog

Searching for Reasons is a work in progress. Here are some initial thoughts about what I want to do in the next year, and maybe beyond.


  • How many rejections and published articles can I achieve in a year?

Primary Goal: 

  • To be published in a peer reviewed journal or magazine (or online where relevant).

Secondary Goals: 

  • To establish relationships with editors, writers, agents, publishers
  • To understand the market
  • To learn from rejection
  • To get experience writing fiction
  • To determine the preferred genres

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