A Million Floating Secrets

I cry a storm for Robin Williams. A beacon, he weathered bipolar waves, hid dark downs in high laughter. His death released a million floating secrets. I understand but mourn. 

On busses and trains, along Las Vegas movators, in swish shiny cars, a million secrets float by.

See that man, that woman, that child?

Sitting there, on a bar stool, a rock by the sea, a seesaw in the park?

hear him swallow liquid lies

feel her tuck words beneath skin

watch the child fold sharp tin behind her heart

hiding pain in the space below.

The brain, it lies, it tells tales 

distorts and corrupts

so that no one ever knows why

a man with such heart

could not pull himself up

push himself back from the edge

the biggest mystery of all

why he chose death instead.

Fåro, Gotland, Sweden


2 thoughts on “A Million Floating Secrets

  1. Secret burdens that we bear,
    Too often ashamed to share,
    Somehow we are not aware,
    There are others who really care,
    In that moment of complete darkness,
    We suffer inner pain and duress,
    Deep down in that black dog’s valley,
    There’s no way that we can see,
    That there lies there a new horizon,
    That’s something we can’t set our eyes on,
    When all that we can see is black,
    And it seems that there’s no turning back,
    In that moment of final decision,
    We lose contact with inner vision,
    We feel from our very soul,
    That the one thing which we have control,
    Is if we choose to stay or go,
    And in that moment, we don’t understand,
    That what we really need is a hand,
    To pull us back,
    From the edge.

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  2. pj says:

    So many people are affected by mental health challenges and it is unfortunate that in society today mental health continues to be stigmatized. I applaud you for making the unspoken spoken and bringing understanding, light and hope.


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