Read and Write: Grist, the Puritan, Missouri Review, and the New Yorker

I peeked at my wonderful Duotrope listings to see what golden opportunities await after taking a pause submitting to contests and deadlines. There are two in particular that I want to apply to, but there are always contests I share and highlight if you follow me on Twitter.

Writing Deadlines: Grist and the Puritan

Free Access to Archives: Missouri Review and New Yorker

As I have mentioned in previous posts, all journals recommend that it is important to read previous submissions to get an idea of the style and tone of the publication. This is a costly endeavour for a student, especially if you don’t have access to the journals through a local library. I get excited when the opportunity arises to read articles online for free.

  • textBOX is the Missouri Review‘s anthology where they tell us:

Each piece in the anthology has been carefully chosen by TMR’s editors. What makes these pieces so great? Some have won The Missouri Review’s Editors’ Prize, others have been reprinted in highly respected prize anthologies and, most importantly, we’ve remembered and pondered them long after the issue in which they appeared had been boxed up to make space for the next one.

  • The New Yorker *swoon* opened up their archives and I am reading as many short stories as possible. Since the end of July, when the editors wrote A Note to Our Readers, an incredible number of high quality stories and articles have been made available to everyone.

Enjoy writing and reading this weekend.


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