Novel Passions

Passionate researching = passionate writing. This week I will make two proposals for feature length articles. Ideas spin in my head, echoes of past and present interests: crime and biology, brain trauma and criminal behaviour, psychopathology, animal welfare, animal adoption, then crime and biology morphed into wildlife crime. This morning, I learned that a neighbour works for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, an organisation I sponsor and have written about before (Super Heroines); another neighbour works for a Swedish environmental agency. The ideas whirl out of control in my head, so many interests, so many things to write about.

Choices of Nature

The current course for my Masters started last week. We had to choose between Business & Editorial Writing and Novel Several  people, myself included, struggled with the decision. Two friends jumped the wall and went with their passion to write a novel, the Novelites group outweighs the Bizedders 17 to 10. My course choice surprised me. Every writer dreams of weaving a tapestry of characters into a permanently bound book. Books are where readers fall in love with and speak reverently about your characters, where your world can be turned into a blockbuster movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I have a good idea for a novel. Should I jump too?

I have worked in communications all my life. My day job is filled with dryish business writing and editing. Novel is more sexy. Business is only sexy when it involves money, right? Business writing does not have the same glamour attached to it. But maybe a writer’s passion can make it glamorous?

I realise I did it again. I resisted my nature. I wrote about this just before I started the Masters (Never Resist Your Nature at a Crossroad). I almost convinced myself I should want to write a novel. For practical reasons I chose BizEd, now for passionate reasons I choose BizEd.

Make All Writing Novel

For our first assignment I read a New Yorker article by Lauren Hilgers (Chinatown’s Kitchen Network). It is an engaging, creative, and relevant human-focussed news story that took a long time to research and write. The web is filled with such articles, and someone has to write them. Why not me?

All ideas can grow into something. The challenge for all writing, in this case feature writing, is to find the news “peg”, the angle to a story that is new or different from all the other stories. In other words:

It needs to be a Novel Idea

I guess I get to write my novel after all.

Perpetual conversations in my head: Focus Amanda. Biology and Crime, yes. Human or animal? Animal. No… Wait.  I have a new source, I can write about the politics of being an aid agency in Afghanistan…or I can write about whether Sweden should pay to have garbage shipped in to heat homes, or what about the problem with all the homeless Romanian beggars on the streets of Stockholm…Focus Amanda. Find your passion. Stick with it.


3 thoughts on “Novel Passions

  1. I am glad to know you went with the Bizedders Amanda.

    Although I know you would write a very intriguing and entertaining Novel, I know you have a penchant for reporting and informing. I am usually not a huge fan of fiction but I do enjoy reading about the world as seen through the eyes, hearts and minds of others.

    A life in Sweden might as well be fiction from my point of view. Before finding Amanda Wood all I knew about life in Sweden was gleaned through textbooks and encyclopedic type articles.

    I love it when otherwise dry text is presented from the perspective of a fellow human being that recognizes it is other people that reading their words, generally because they really want to know.

    Give me Ernie Pyle over Shakespeare any day 😉


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