A Writing Life

Am I a writer? On the outside it seems so. This month I started a job as a technical and marketing writer. I am studying professional writing. I have two (dormant) blogs. I am editing and reading other’s writing, teaching English, and following Word Porn on FB. It seems I am a writer, so why don’t I feel like one?

I am going through the motions of achieving.

  • Secured new amazing job. Check.
  • Continue to do well in school. Check.
  • Read books and watch TV and movies to improve your art. Check.
  • Think about writing. Check.
  • Write. NO CHECK.

At 9pm every night my alarm goes off to remind me it is “writing time”. I set the alarm months ago so I would write at regular times. Every day I hit snooze. I do all the other writing; work stuff, school assignments, nothing more. Some of my fellow students are disciplined, I admire them for that, a regular blog, getting published, taking risks, getting out and performing, starting their research for our final thesis.

Me? It is half way through a 4 week break from school and I have not put my fingers to the keyboard other than writing Facebook posts, emails, or work-related tasks. In my head I am writing that first draft of my screenplay, in my head I have mild urges to plan and design my future as a writer, in my head I imagine finding a great idea for a TV series and supplementing my income with freelance work, in my head it is busy all the time.

I hope that by writing this post I can move forward to the next phase of my writing life.

Tell me how you inspire yourself, tell me how you define being a writer.


3 thoughts on “A Writing Life

  1. pj says:

    Not a writer but when blocked in creativity I will go for a walk or do something physical for a set period of time and then come back to what I was working on. Sometimes if the words are not there I will draw/doodle about what I am thinking about instead. From personal experience searching for answers about why you are not doing something, like writing is just another way to not write …UNLESS you write about the search for answers.

    YOU ARE A WRITER! You are creative, imaginative and uniquely curious about life. So pick up the pen (or keyboard) and plunk away.

    Your journey is your own, but YOU ARE A WRITER !!!!

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  2. This resonates so much. For years, I had wanted to write books but never really go around to it. Then I got commissioned to write one for client, which I did — 50,000 words, 200 pages in about six weeks (after a few months of research). It made me realise that I was much better at responding to external deadlines than I am my own. Maybe that comes from life as a freelancer, or maybe there’s some inner demon telling me that my own writing is an indulgence, an optional luxury. For me, the biggest challenge is training myself to see my self-imposed deadlines or ‘times to write’ as being equally important as those external work/college/client deadlines. I think that’s the only difference; giving yourself permission to write and the discipline to finish. I’m still working at it, but I think I’ve identified the block.

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  3. I am doing some of the same things you are doing to be a writer. I’m trying to be disciplined, to set goals, to look for new innovative ways to progress in my writing, but one thing I can’t counter is my own fears of inadequacy. So, i guess my advice is to think positively. Once you let negativity root, it’s hard to dig out.

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