Anne-Cecile Ville: The Evolution of a Screenwriter

Last week I interviewed two US-based scriptwriters, Kentucky’s  PJ Woodside and New York’s Juli S. Kobayashi. This week I travel virtually to the UK to tell you about Anne-Cecile Ville, a determined and focused screenwriter whose Dating Up script is in the top six in The Black List category for romance as of May 2015. Her efforts and persistence to learn the craft and to advance her skills is evident even without me having read her work (yet). I spoke to Anne-Cecile via Skype to get her perspective on being a scriptwriter. Continue reading


Juli S. Kobayashi: One Past, Many Futures

This week at the New York International Short Film Festival, Juli S. Kobayashi and her creative partner, Celiné Justice, will see their short film, ONE PAST, on the big screen at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City. The duo are working hard on the festival circuit, realising their dream and promoting a film that had its world premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival in September 2014.

I am fortunate to have seen and enjoyed the 20 minute film. The acting is professional, the editing impressive, the script taut and playful, and visually it is a moving blend of art and sisterhood. If you live in New York I highly recommend buying a ticket to the NY Films Shorts next week. Here is the trailer on YouTube:

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P.J. Woodside: Kentucky’s Woman of Horror

Big Biting Pig Productions.P.J. Woodside and her creative partner, Steve Hudgins, are on the edge of releasing their 9th horror flick, Frances Stein, a twist on the well-known story also written by a woman.

As I researched P.J. and the films she and Steve create together about once a year, I was able to piece together, Frances Stein-like, an idea of who P.J. is and why I think she, along with many other filmmakers, both female and male, are contributing positively to the global battle cry asking for more women in pictures.

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Women in Film – The Stories We Tell

Ingrid Bergman is the face of Cannes this year. Perhaps she is the heart of it, too, as the role of women in film/TV continues to be a hot topic at the French festival (see this Observer article and an MSN video). There is also a string of US media activity spurred by some high profile faces.

So what is all the fuss about, you might ask. If you must ask, then you are why there is this fuss. You are probably a victim of exclusionary film.  Continue reading