Interview with Lucy V. Hay of Bang2Write

It’s possible Anne-Cecile Ville brushed past Lucy Hay during the London Screenwriters’ Festival last year, where Lucy’s one of the event organisers and the Head Reader for the contests and other initiatives. Even if they haven’t met, I sense a similar determination emanating from Lucy, an energetic and outspoken woman who also lives in the UK. Lucy generously found some time in her busy schedule to speak to me on Skype about her experiences working in the UK film industry.

Whatever you do, do it well.

Lucy Hay in action.

Lucy Hay in action.

The ‘V’ must stand for vivacious

Lucy, who also goes by the moniker Bang2Write, is passionate about writing, her children and being true to herself and her blog readers. She has her hands and voice in a variety of projects, from being a non-fiction writer (e.g. Writing And Selling Drama Screenplays), novelist (e.g. The Decision: Jasmine’s Story), speaker, blogger, producer, script editor, Head Reader for the London Screenwriters’ Festival…and many other roles. Suffice it to say she’s organised and disciplined. As the mother of three young children, two girls and a boy, she’s teaching them a strong work ethic that’ll ensure their own success when they grow up. She’s also a mentor and outspoken advocate about gender politics and feminism.
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Women in Film – The Stories We Tell

Ingrid Bergman is the face of Cannes this year. Perhaps she is the heart of it, too, as the role of women in film/TV continues to be a hot topic at the French festival (see this Observer article and an MSN video). There is also a string of US media activity spurred by some high profile faces.

So what is all the fuss about, you might ask. If you must ask, then you are why there is this fuss. You are probably a victim of exclusionary film.  Continue reading

Launching research into female scriptwriters

Female vs male writers. Is there a difference? Of course there is. Canadian vs. American scriptwriters? Yes, different perspectives of North America. Do women over 40 write different stories than men over 40? You bet. That is the point of art. An individual brings their unique experience to life and shares it with the world. The current problem is that the male perspective dominates the film and TV industry. But that is changing. Continue reading