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Reading, Writing, and Rejection

Defining Content


Words, music, photos, moving images, paper, pixels, electric impulses, radio waves bouncing off plastic and metal. We grow bored easily, disseminate and absorb content at random, jump from media to medium, streaming, screaming, steaming. There is no time to pause. Produce produce produce. Pass it on. Delete. Continue reading


Why I Write: My Tunnel of Snakes and Ladders

Through other writer’s stories I have navigated to the surface from underground places where my only ally, and my only villain, is me, sometimes disguised as a reptile. Not an unusual trait for a writer (or artist) but I am challenged with (suffer from, experience, embrace) severe depressive episodes. I have learned to build and maintain depression escape tunnels where the walls are lined with things to make me feel better. Books, movies in particular, are embedded into the walls, each a rung of hope helping me to clamber out of my gritty and isolated hole.

Tunnel of Wood

Tunnel of Wood

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Become a Proactive Writer

Take care of the big stuff and the little things take care of themselves.

Writers are Small Business Owners

Being a writer means embracing the idea you are a small business owner. I believe it’s the responsibility of a writer to strategize, research, implement, and maintain their own career. This applies to other employment sectors but it is particularly important for writers (artists in general) to stop thinking that “someone” will discover and mentor you so you can just be your creative self. Continue reading