Why I Write: My Tunnel of Snakes and Ladders

Through other writer’s stories I have navigated to the surface from underground places where my only ally, and my only villain, is me, sometimes disguised as a reptile. Not an unusual trait for a writer (or artist) but I am challenged with (suffer from, experience, embrace) severe depressive episodes. I have learned to build and maintain depression escape tunnels where the walls are lined with things to make me feel better. Books, movies in particular, are embedded into the walls, each a rung of hope helping me to clamber out of my gritty and isolated hole.

Tunnel of Wood

Tunnel of Wood

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No Calculators Were Harmed

In my first year of university, no calculators were allowed into the physics exams. The same rule applied to my calculus exams, which meant memorizing hundreds of equations and formulas, and having to remember how to use them.

I am still convinced my math and physics professors were conducting a joint experiment with the psychology department. I am sure they embedded sensors in the auditorium seats to measure our autonomic response to stress, to record the changes to our brain patterns over time, to determine at what point the formulas were integrated into our neural pathways.

All I remember is every exam felt like infinity.

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Drink Your Latté Through a Straw

With all the lattés I drink I hope I escape the osteoporosis that plagues my mother.

A goal for this blog is to share my progress to being published. A significant part of this is my process.

Voice is a Process

wpid-20121019_1119341Searching for Reasons is also about practicing the art of storytelling, it is about developing my writer’s voice, a voice that will evolve during the process. This process requires equal amounts of hard work, timing, and talent, and probably lots of coffee. Every person’s process is as different as their voice. My process is organising and researching, it comforts and calms me, clears my mind of clutter so that I may write. Continue reading